Saturday, January 4, 2014

Five on Friday

Hello Beauties!!

The 1st Five on Friday of 2014 {my first ever actually}... I am excited to do this link up, after reading so many awesome posts I think it's going to be a blast!!

Here is what's in my vision today!

I am super excited for this new year and new resolutions. I have never been one to make resolutions because the only logical ones I ever hear about is ones stating they are going to start eating healthy and exercise more and lose weight, etc. I've never been one to fall into that category. My resolutions this year are to blog more {yes that's my #1} stop procrastinating and have more patience to enjoy every second of my children's lives!

I have a love for hot chicken wings. I do not know what it is about them but I could eat them every single night of my life. For real. Recently at work for NYE we bring in a crap ton of food to eat because we end up being so busy {work at the casino} that we don;t get our breaks as we should. Someone brought in chicken wing dip, and let me just say AMAZING! And to think of how many times I have turned that down, how dare me!

I did some online shopping and finally got my Ulta order in the mail the other day. I am kind of glad we don;t have an ulta or target around where I live because I feel my whole paycheck would be used there. Anyways I picked up some Watts Up Highlighter and a tube of Benefits They're Real Mascara. I am trying to figure out how to love the mascara but until then, the highlighter is amazeballs.

The weather here lately {upstate Ny} has been ridiculous and I cried myself crazy all the way home 2 nights ago. I had bf car and it was so cold it wouldn't start so security from work had to jump it, long story short I was outside with no hat or gloves {because I'm always prepared :( } and it was -14 degrees. And let me just slide this in, that may not seem too cold but with the windchill can you guess what the temp was? Probably not because when I went home and seen this temp I thought it was a lie. Never in my life have I ever seen temps this low, with wind, it was 34 DEGREES BELOW ZERO!! So ya because my toes and fingers were bitter cold, I could do nothing but cry.

I've recently found a new foundation. I had bought it before but I assume it was not the right color match or something because, well, actually I hated it. I have used up the last one my Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation {might be one days worth left} and I did not want to go buy another $50 bottle. So I hit up the drugstore wanting something with high coverage but not as cakey as revlon colorstay. On YouTube everyone rants and raves of the covergirl 3 in 1, so i got it but in a darker shade. Yep. been wasting my money on high end foundations when this whole time, this is the best yet. Cannot believe the staying power, the coverage. My T-Zone is super oily by the end of the work day {usually} BUT not with this foundation. I can't even describe into words how happy I am about it.

Well that is all ladies, that was not as bad as I was expecting it to be, I could even go on some more, but then it wouldn't be 5 right? I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and enjoyed bringing in the New Year!! Look forward to reading everyones new blogs I have found and hopefully someone will enjoy mine too :)

Until next post, XOXO


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  1. Hot Wings are my favourite! They're the perfect appetizer, late night snack and meal! Not many foods are that versatile! (Except maybe mozza sticks, which are also delicious!) I've been using the Cover Girl 3 in 1 foundation for a while now and I love it!