Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New Products!!!!!!

Hello Beauties!! I hope you are having a fabulous day! I just wanted to come on here and share my happiness with ya’ll. Ok, so over the past couple months I have purchased a crap ton of new makeup, but I must say that the products I ordered this week have become my most anxious to get. I love MAC cosmetics with all my heart. Knowing that they are kind of over-priced {depending on what you are getting I guess} I try to minimize my purchases from them and only go completely kray-kray about once a year. So, anyways, even though I was super happy to get all my new lipsticks and lipglass products, foundation and powder, the order I placed last night has me on my toes ready and anxious for UPS to come tomorrow! They just released a NEW PRODUCT. They jumped on the ‘chubby stick’ bandwagon and introduced the Patentpolish Lip Pencil!! They have 12 colors and it is quite the variety. I got mine in the nudist color called ‘Innocent’.
M·A·C Patentpolish Lip Pencil is your new magic wand for lips, with a single swipe instantly achieving luscious shine. A unique blend of creamy emollients replenishes, keeping lips soft with an ultra-smooth texture that isn’t heavy or sticky. The pencil’s effortless twist-up application keeps things clean and mess-free, with no need to sharpen. Enjoy colour in a dazzling range of 12 new shades that stay bright and true on all skin tones.
1             Patentpolish Lip Pencil ($20.00 U.S. / $24.00 CDN) (New, Limited Edition)
§  Innocent Nude beige
§  Berry Bold Orange-red
§  Fearless Deep blue-pink
§  Go for Girlie Bright yellow-pink
§  Hopelessly Devoted Bright clean fuchsia
§  Kittenish Mauvey pink
§  Patentpink Washed-out lilac
§  Pleasant Rosy pink
§  Revved Up Creamy peach
§  Sincere Mojo Maker??
§  Spontaneous Soft plum with pearl
§  Sultana Dark grape
§  Teen Dream Bright coral orange

They are absolutely stunning and if you are a lip junkie like myself, then you better go get you some!! I also ordered the Prep + Prime lip treatment which will also be here tomorrow. Today I received my Sheen Supreme Lipstick in the color ‘Supremely Confident’ and a tinted lipglass in ‘C-Thru’ just because I need all the Nude lipsticks I can get! It would probably be cheaper to put concealer on my lips but it looks better and fancier {because MAC has the best sleek packaging ever} to carry around a lipstick or gloss. I did order their lip erase but I am not a fan of that at all. The first and hopefully last MAC product I think is a FAIL.
There is one more purchase I am waiting on edge for, almost as much as my lip pencil. I put an order in from Sephora {which is having 5 free samples now instead of 3} yesterday and the order should be here Friday as well. I purchased an atomizer, just because, well, that is pretty self explanatory. BUT for $25 {tis crazy but from every review I heard it is worth every penny} was the Marc Jacobs Beauty Liplock Moisture Balm in the color ‘Makeout’. {I think it only comes in that one color}.

Doesn’t that look fancy?! I cannot wait. It supposedly takes away dry chapped lips. The only downfall to it is when warm weather hits, it melts very easy. I found out the hard way that so does MAC’s Crème D’Nude. That was my first ever MAC purchase and I had it about a day before it turned into a puddle of goop that I could no longer use. So I will be sure to keep this magical piece {I have high hopes} in a safe and cool place!
That is all for now beauties, I am going to be working on a post tonight of some products I have been using and my thoughts on them, so stay tuned for that!! I have been wanting to get it up for quite some time now.
I hope you are having and continue to have, the most amazing day ever.
Until next time,

Tasha xo

Friday, February 21, 2014

High Five For Friday!!!!

Hello beauties!! It is 10:06pm right now on Friday night and I just realized I need to do my post! Does that speak at all about how busy I have been? That has never happened before and in 2 hours I would have had to just skip this week because I couldn't bring myself to upload a Friday post on Saturday. {You can call me weird, it's ok!} So without further rambling that is just wasting valuable minutes, here has been my week in a nutshell!!
One|| This whole week I have been doing mad, crazy, maybe not all so needed, online shopping! It is not very often I can pick up a bunch of high end beauty products without any guilt. When the time comes though I go CRAZY! The thing I love most is watching my email, checking it every couple of hours everyday to see what has shipped, or tracking info on what I should receive that day. That is the most thrilling part, even more than finding stuff to buy. That is a struggle trying to think of all the things I have wanted recently so I spent a lot of time on YouTube watching my fav people {WhatWouldLizzyDoVadIsRadMelissa RaymondShadesOfKassieKelly StrackKellylovesbeauty1Sadiekins21, Nicole GuerrieroSorry I got a little carried away, I wanted to say more people and not leave anyone out but I would have been here forever.
All those beautiful women helped me to achieve my shopping cart each and every transaction!
Like I said, I went above and beyond. Keeping in mind that my life revolves around Rite-Aid and there are no department stores here, no MAC, no Ulta, no Sephora. Nothing at all. So I never get to sample anything I just take everyone's word for it :) I want to do a separate post on things that I have bought thus far so I won't go into too much detail. I will say that I repurchased Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo foundation but in the next shade {54} because that foundation is incredible and is everything I look for in a foundation. I also bought MUFE Matte Velvet +, MAC Studio Fix, NARS radiant concealer, Laura Mercier secret brightening powder, Benefit's Hoola {never tried before and am in love with first application}, and I will just say I purchased every single one of Real Techniques brushes! 
download (1)  images (1) images
Enough of this topic, more info soon to come!! 
Two|| My son is getting too old and I have been watching him and I see my little boy slowly maturing into the adult he is going to become. He is only 11 {12 in August} but it just amazes me some of the things he does. For example I was upstairs getting ready the other day, probably for work, and the two babies {4 and 2} were downstairs jumping on a big box that has metal desks in it {that still are not together from Christmas} and I heard him go downstairs and yell at them and made them get off. Had it been a year or two ago he would have just walked right by them and thought to himself, "It's not my job to babysit them". It's little things like that that have been grabbing my attention. I brought him and his two friends to the movies Wednesday night to watch the LEGO movie. Now I am scared about girlfriends. Which I know he has had. He is addicted to his iPod more than I am my phone and if you knew me, you'd know that is pretty impossible to beat! My first baby and only boy is going to grow into a great man! :)
Three|| There has been something weighing on my mind a great deal this week. Our dog Haylee. We got her when she was 9 weeks only and today she is 4 1/2 months. So it's been a decent amount of time. Getting her in November, dead center of winter, was a bad idea I heard, after it was too late. Training her has been a undescribable nightmare and still is. She goes to the bathroom inside sooo much and it is driving me literally insane. I cannot take much more of it. She goes outside, loves it out there. She loves going for walks and hates coming back in when walks are done. Yet, no matter how long we are out there for, she comes in and immediately goes to the bathroom. She goes outside too, and gets praised when she does. I just don;t understand it. Then, when she goes inside she will take what should be one pee and make it seven different little puddles of pee scattered everywhere. She could literally pee, you get a towel, and she is peeing again. But it's not only that. In my eyes she is mean to the babies. The boyfriend says no she is just playing. Well she doesn't 'just play' with us, why just the babies? The two older kids and boyfriend have become real attached already and I don't know what to do. I have never had a dog before Haylee so everything is brand new to me, and I am stressing out and not liking it!
Four|| I hate my job. I never used to. I used to love going to work everyday. Loved the 20 minute right to and from. Not anymore. I work at the bank in our local Casino. Busy, steady, robot work. Mistakes are not taken kindly. It's millions of dollars you are working with a day. Your mind has to be with it every single second. I have been there 4 years, I have the emotional stability of it down pat. What pisses me off is their consequences. People are human, not robots. Everyone makes mistakes. It's normal. Here is the issue I have. The rules, like I said, are hard core. Something as easy as forgetting a decimal or hitting a 1 instead of 2, could mean your job. Any slight mistake, if the cashiers forget to give a patron {customer} a penny, you are marked up. If that happens twice, you are suspended for 3 days with no pay. Suspended. If you here that word, you think like normal people and think oh no, that is so bad, you are going to lose your job. That's not the case. You could be suspended 40 times, doesn't mean your job is on the line. That is their punishment. You don't get a verbal or written warning, you expect suspension. I have been suspended about 6 times now. The first time I was so scared it was crazy, I think I cried for the 3 days I was off. Then I learned the rules and learned that's just the consequence for everyone. suspension happens so much there, you now look forward to it to have a few days out of that place. That is sad. You try to enjoy your days off as much as possible and don;t take it to heart but when your paycheck rolls around, you feel the impact of $300 missing. I am on suspension right now. Wanna know why? I'd be glad to tell you. Because I called in yesterday. Because I was sick. Because I was puking. I have been there four years and have called in about 2-3 times. Average once a year. I couldn't believe it myself. And while you are getting and signing your life away that you know and understand if you are caught on property during suspension you may get arrested and blah blah there are 3 people in the room {2 female witnesses} and it was then that they brought up "and also because you were 1 minute late on such and such date", I said {out loud by accident} you have got to be kidding me right now. 
Sorry, had to vent about that. Will shut up now :) Well, after #5!
Five|| I wish dinner in my house was like it used to be when i was little. My Mom used to work {still does} in a hospital the next town over, as a xray tech. She would work 8-4 come home and cook dinner. Sometimes she would call and have me take stuff out, or cut up cheese needed for mac and cheese, etc. Stuff I always took for granted and now look back on in admiration. I am not a cook. At all. I hate cooking. I eat some meats just chicken. I do not know how to cook it unless it is on the grill. I can cook simple things like grilled cheese, alfredo and mac and cheese. That's it. Before you get over worked, my kids do eat, but nothing fancy like I used to. Mom always had some kind of meat, no matter what. We would sit down at the table and she would tell me and Dad about her day while we sat there each and every night and nodded our heads. There was always so much drama where she works apparently. We would always say to everyone, ya Mom had a long story at dinner last night. Dad and I would joke about it A LOT. I miss that so much. Me and the kids sometimes sit at the table, not often at all though. I usually don't eat. I always have other things to do and dishes to wash. I do sit down sometimes though and the kids absolutely love it when I sit at the table. Their eyes brighten up with such an amazing glow and my heart melts. Daddy never ever ever sits at the table. I;m pretty sure he never has. Oh no, at family gatherings {xmas, thanksgiving} he sometimes does, but otherwise he eats his food at his computer... that a whole post on its own. How about you? Do you all eat at the dinner table for dinner? Did you grow up doing things you wish you could continue?
That is all I have so far beauties I hope I did not make you bored out of your skulls, I did not have a real interesting week. It has been emotionally draining and I cant wait to breathe again! 
Until next time, 
Tasha - xoxx

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Hello beauties! Happy Friday Eve :)

I am in a deep rut and totally confusing myself!! I had this bright idea to start a blog on wordpress for two reasons.
{One} I have been told numerous times that it is better and easier {ha!} than blogger. I will admit it looks a lot nicer and I love the fact of hundreds of themes to choose from.
{Two} Because you can buy your domain. I think. I don't friggon know. I was looking to create my own website that didn't involve a address.

But after working so hard one night to get wordpress up and going, I started wondering if I was doing the right thing. I have so many people reading and following this blog, would they {you} really take a new link from here and follow me somewhere else instead? In my head, I think no. And I have worked so hard on this blog and have put so much thought and time into my posts.

How about you help me decide! I am going to leave the link to my wordpress and go check it out. Leave me a comment either here or there letting me know which one looks better to you! Again, wordpress is a few days fresh so I think I have 1 or 2 posts. 

Come and help me out woman!! Yes YOU! :)

Until next time, 

Tasha - XOXX

Monday, February 17, 2014


Hey beauties I am sorry that I have been missing and havent done a blog in so so long! I just wanted to update where I have been and where I am going.

Life has been super busy lately. I have felt like a non stop machine. Between just regular ordinary events and then throwing money my way {tax return} I have been so busy! I bought some new stuff for the house, new makeup items, clothes for the family and myself. There is still quite a bit of shopping to be done. I am going to sit down and take pics of what I can and just write down what I can't get pics of, so I can show you what I have been busy buying! I am happy with this years turn out and am glad it's not all gone and wasted.

I have been trying so hard to get my own blog site built. But I obviously don't know what I am doing. I thought I was cool and went to, purchased a website for a year, but after spending so much time on it, I think it is for businesses. Not blogging. So that is a fail. I am however, trying to move out of this blog and create a new one, to enhance the new me. I have tomorrow {2/18} off and there will not be any kids here for most of the morning so I am going to spend a good chunk of time between tonight and tomorrow to figure something out. My blog brain is getting antsy.

I hope you all have an amazing day and stick around, I will be back in no time! :_

Tasha - xoxox

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Youtubers, Bloggers, someone please help me!!

Hello Beauties!!!!

Thank you for at least checking this out in an attempt to help me!

Ok, so here is the thing. Tomorrow {less than 24 hours away} I am going to be purchasing a laptop. Unfortunantly I do not have an apple store around here nor anyone that sells computers who I would trust for an opinion. I do not know what to get. All I use it for is blogging, watching youtube and searching the internet. I seen a few things of interest : 

1- Chromebook. Looks nice but I don't know if it would be enough for me. And would it last me awhile??

2 - Macbook air/pro. Expensive but would last awhile. Would that be too much for me though??

I appreciate any input or suggestions you have and I thank you soo much!!


Friday, January 31, 2014

High Five On Friday!!!

Good morning beauties!! I am actually going to try to get this up before work today rather than trying to catch it all before midnight. I have had a pretty decent week, even though on my two days off I had no time to come here and relax I was on the go the whole time. Other then that it's been great.

Here are a few highlights and random bits of my week!!

{ONE} Ok, well some may have an opinion and say that what I am about to say makes me a bad mother. Here is the scoop. I have four kids. My only son is the oldest he is 11. My three girls are 8,4 and 2. So two kids are in school and my four year old should have been able to start headstart this past September. I live in a teeny town and sometimes, no matter how early you apply to get your child into their first year of school, there just isn't enough room. And that is what happened to us this year. We signed her up in June and in August we received a letter that there wasn't enough room for her. Now, keeping in mind, headstart is an option and not mandatory. My son went there and I was pushing that he did because he was an only child {at the time} and he had no interactions with kids and I knew it would be best for him to start before starting actual school. If you know what I mean. So, my 8 year old was denied her time too. It wasn't that big of a deal for us because her brother was teaching her amazing things. When I got the letter in August saying my now 4 year old was denied too, we were ok with that. Sure it would have been a great experience, but not necessary.

So the beginning of this week, the school called. They said we have this new system and would like your daughter to start headstart. I was thinking oh ook, that is cool!! BUT there was a catch. The catch was that the classes were two towns over {about 30 minutes away}. I was turned off by that completely. Not because of the long bus ride, but because if something ever happened {anything at all} It would be hell to drive to that town. What if I don't have a car, or a ride. Or what if she was sick and was waiting for me for so long. I turned it away. I just couldn;t justify that.

{TWO} So I just found out this morning that Vanessa {Vadisrad} is going to be starting everyday vlogs for her 29th year of life!! She doesn't turn 29 until the end of February but she is going to start them February 1st on her Vlog Channel You should definitely go support her and watch her. She has a cute, amazing family and she is the most down to earth person you will find on YouTube. I love watching her so so much!! In her announcement video she prepares you that her vlogs are going to be real. Maybe some swearing. Like I said, she is real.

                                                    VADISRAD VLOG CHANNEL

{THREE} I have been trying all week to find the perfect nude lip. I have received my MAC lipsticks in the mail {they are the first and only ones I have ever purchased}. I got Myth, Fleshtone, Creme D' Nude and Japanese Maple. Myth and Fleshtone kind of are drying on my lips. I had purchased a few weeks ago, the Maybelline buff line, the nudest they have, and I almost like that better than the MAC's. Then Creme D' Nude and Japanese Maple are so creamy they melt. And it is winter. So I am not sure what all the hype is about MAC's lipsticks. So I will continue my hunt. If you know of any nudes let me know. When I say nude, I am talking like concealer shade nude. That may not be for some people, but that is my thing :) I am also still waiting to find a good lipgloss!

{FOUR} I am super excited about getting my iPhone 'back' real soon! I do not have an exact date yet but within the next month! When I say 'back' I mean that I had an iPhone for many years. Probably around 3-4 years. That was the first smart phone I owned and had it for quite some time. I had the 3g then the 4 for a little bit. I got rid of it because everyone at work had the Samsung Galaxy phone and I was amazed by all the personalization you could do with it. Change the fonts, change the text screen background. Have awesome lock screens. And the iPhone you cannot change ANYTHING. Well, I have come to realize that you can customize TOO MUCH crap on the galaxy. If that makes any sense. I want simplicity back in my life. I am beyond excited!! PLUS I will not have to carry around an ipod and my phone, all my music can be stored right on my phone. Hell to the Yes! :) Do you have an iPhone? What are your favorites must-have apps?

{FIVE} Ugh, the last topic already?! I was just getting into it :) Ok, the dog again, Haylee is still not having the peeing and pooping outside. I mean, she does. I know she does, I clean it up but its like she goes a little outside and as soon as she comes inside she finishes. I know getting a puppy in the winter wasn't the greatest idea I have ever had, but my goodness. The house does not smell like pee or anything i am always right there behind her cleaning it up, but it is just the point. If you know of any way at all, I will try anything, to help me help her to know that outside you do your business please let me know!!! We keep her outside long enough to go because I thought that first. But we are. I don;t get it. :(

I hope you all have an amazing FRIDAY!!! Off to work I go!!! I will be catching up on everyone Else's post when i am done work.
Until next time..

Tasha - xoxo