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My Favorite EcoTools!!!

My Favorite EcoTools Brushes!

Hello Beauties! I wanted to share with you all my absolute favorite EcoTools makeup brushes! I use these brushes daily and I have zero complaints because they are AWESOME! All EcoTools brushes are 100% Cruelty Free.  The handles are made of bamboo and recycled aluminum ferrules and the bristles are made of synthetic taklon.  It is really great to see a brand focusing their line on the earth and how to be Eco-friendly.  As an Environmental Studies major, I appreciate brands such as EcoTools and support them 100%!
EcoTools Tapered Blush Brush
            The first brush I want to talk about is the Tapered Blush Brush.  I've had this brush for so long and it still looks and feels brand new! I use it for bronzing my whole face, however this brush can be used for many different things such as blush (of course), contouring, setting and applying powder foundation.  It is fluffy but at the same time very dense.  It is the perfect multitask brush!
6 Piece Essential Eye Set

Blending Brush
           The blending brush that comes in this set is very dense and tapered.  I actually use this brush for either highlighting my brow bone or buffing in my concealer underneath my eyes.  This definitely could be a blending brush for those who like denser blending brushes. I prefer more fluffy ones.

Highlight Brush
          The highlighting brush is the PERFECT crease and blending brush! It blends the shadows out so smoothly and nicely.  You can also apply your transition/blending color with this brush and it works wonderfully.  This is by far my favorite brush in this set!

Crease Brush
           The crease brush is angled and fluffy.  I have used this for highlighting and also blending.  If you like using angled brushes for your crease, this is perfect for you! It is very soft and blends the color out while you apply it. 

Shader Brush
           This small shader brush is great for those with small eyes! I use this to pack on my all over lid shade and I love it! It is small and precise! I also use this for cream eye shadows because when I use my finger or a bigger shader brush, the cream shadow gets up in my crease. 

Smudge Brush
           The smudge brush is very small and domed.  It is perfect for either smudging shadow on your lower lash line or smudging out your gel liner on your upper lash line! It is very small and precise!

Day to Night Set

Day to Night Set

Small Powder Brush
             The small powder brush is perfect for setting the under eyes.  It is also the perfect brush to use when using loose powder.  I find that it buffs and blends the powder really nicely into my skin.  It is rather small so setting the whole face with this might take a little bit longer, however it is doable.  
Stay-There Shadow Brush
            The stay-there shadow brush is a rather big, fluffy shader brush.  This is a great eyeshadow brush if you have big eyes because it will apply the color to your lid and at the same time, blend it out since it is fluffy.  I have smaller eyes, so I use this brush to highlight my brow bone and I find that it works really well!
Smudge Brush
            The smudge brush is one of my favorite brushes of all time! I use this to outline my crease and outer v.  It is the perfect domed shape to outline and you cannot mess up your eyeshadow if you have this brush! It is very precise and easy to use even if you are a beginner!
Pointed Concealer Brush
            The pointed concealer brush is also one of my favorites by EcoTools.  I do not use this for concealing just because I prefer fluffier brushes for concealing my acne spots and under eyes.  Instead, I use this brush the same way as I use the smudge brush.  I like to outline my crease and outer lid with it because it is precise and very easy to use.
Lip/Liner Brush
          The last brush in this set is the lip/liner brush.  I use this more for lining my eyes because it is very dense and flat.  I have used it to apply lipstick and it does a great job!

Hope you all enjoyed :) Have an amazing Saturday!!

Tasha - xx

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