Monday, December 9, 2013

Growing Up In The 90's!!!!!!

Hi guys! Today I decided to do the 90's kids tag that I saw going around on Youtube. I grew up in the 90's so it has been a great part of my childhood. I have so many fun memeroes I can literally spend hours and hours thinking of the 90's fashion, music and tv shows. Take a look at some of my favorites!!! :)


1. Favorite TV show
- Clarissa Explains it All and Hey Dude! I think I might google where to watch those after this :)
2. Favorite Toy
-Polly Pockets were without a doubt one of the best toys ever created. These tiny worlds for tiny dolls were way too much fun for anyone’s good.

3. Favorite Commercial
-Oh my gosh, I just googles some commercials (because I have the memory of a hampster and don't recall any at all) and I seen the poptart commercial. I remember watching that & it was sooo awesome!!

4. NSync or Backstreet Boys
-Neither. I was New Kids On The Block all the way. I had a little obsession. I had all the dolls and their stage and my oldest brother used to pick on me so bad! I remember getting violently mad at him for hiding them on me!

5. Weirdest Fashion Trend
Definantly wearing these style hair tie's on your wrist for decoration, and those choker necklaces. I used to own soo many!!

6. Favorite Collectables
-Beanie babies!! As I am typing I am seeing the next questionn haha

7. Favorite Beanie Baby
-I don't know if I had a favorite but I do remember having a white angel one with wings

8. How many Tamagotchi's did you go through?
-Haha TONS! That would actually be a great Christmas gift for my daughters!!

9. Favorite Game Console + Game
-I had a PLaystation and I  played Sonic like nobodys business but my most favorite and most played was Gran Turismo!

10. Favorite Disney Channel Original Movie
-Ready for this???...... I've never watched a Disney movie. Like Lion King, Princess... nope. Never. They weren't for me. I was happy with Nick!

11. Favorite Music Artist
-Sound risiculous now, but it was Snoop Dog. I will never tell my kids :)

12. Favorite Nick Jr. show
-Was there a Nick jr?

13. Favorite Candy
-Oh this was fun looking up. I wonder if theres anywhere you could still buy these??

14. Favorite Game (Board game, School game, etc.)
-GUess Who!

15. Favorite McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
-Another one that was fun looking up and bringing back some memories!

16. Favorite Book
-R.L. Stine. I loves being able to go through and pick certain scenarios and teh books could end in a bunch of different ways.

17. Favorite Clothing Store
-In the 90's I didn't care much about my clothes. I'd have to ask my Mom that question.

18. What would you watch when you'd get home from school?
-I would grab a sppon and container of fluff, get down on the floor in front of the TV and watch Clarissa Explains It All!!!

That was all! I tag each and everyone of you to do this Tag. I really enjoyed searching old commercials and remembering all of the trends and weird games.

Tasha- xox

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