Friday, December 6, 2013


Good Morning and Happy Friday beauties!!! I don't have much to write about so I'm going to play catch up since it';s been a little bit and there has been a couple gaps in my blog posts. There's no legit excuse but I will say that Christmas has been stressing me the heck out!!! I have four kids that are all old enough to know Santa will be here soon and they have been good, and the only thing that means it's they get lots of presents from Santa! I know that I am not alone when I say that EVERY SINGLE YEAR right after Christmas, I tell myself that next year I need to start buying early. I usually am the one to say right after school starts in September I need to start Christmas shopping, to avoid the rush and stress. That never happens though. Not once have I been prepared or shopped early. I envy those that can pull that off though.

So, here it is. December 6th. My son (the only  boy) is 11 and is an avid video game player. (I know, I know). My second oldest is my daughter Bryanna who is 7. She has an imagination I would have died for as a child, and also loves video games, but just one in particular. On the computer, minecraft. Oh and she loves watching youtube videos and stealing my makeup! haha. My third child is my 4 year old daughter Brylee. She isn't the baby and everyone feels for her because she was pretty much robbed of her 'babyhood'. I might have just made that word up. But when she was only 1, a few months shy from 2, I brought home her new baby sister. And when I say robbed of, I mean my Son had 4 years of us before we brought his first sister home. Then when we brought Bryanna home, she had 3 years with us before we brought Brylee home. While Brylee only had that one year with us before we brought home her sister. And it was made rougher because both Brylee and Braelyn were in the hospital for 4-6 weeks before they could come home. So when we robbed her we also took some attention away to care for the sick baby Braelyn. who is 2 now, and out last baby ever :)

So with all those fun facts being said I just also wanted to include that for Christmas the last couple years my Grandma & Grandpa (who have done so much for me ever since I was a baby ALL the way up to present day) and also my Parents (who of course have done more for me than I could ever thank them for) they bring ALL their presents over on Christmas eve. So, on Christmas morning, after being depressed of all the little things we bought the kids, our eyes light up every year because not only do my Grandparents and Parents have enough money to buy way more then we can, but they also spoil the heck out of them. One example is, my 4 year old has an ipod and Kindle. I'm not going to rant and rave about what my kids own because not only do I not want to feel as though I am bragging, but 99% of it I don't agree with. Like this laptop I am using at the moment, my daughter who is 7 now, got when she was 4. needless to say I am and have been using it because it's not even logical to buy a 4 year old a damn laptop. When I complained about it to my Mom (My Gram was the one who got it) my Mom said Tasha, she knows she doesn't have 30 years left in her, just let her do what she wants. That made me feel a little bad, so I let it go. But every year for birthdays and holidays, I know my kids are well set. But what happens when they are all gone? I can't do all this by myself. And I think that is what ticks me off the most.

Anyways, after another pointless story. For Christmas this year i was starting to go a little crazy. It's December 6th. What am I going to do? Sure we have 2 paychecks before Christmas... but we also have bills. So I called up my job, because I have been enrolled in 401k there for about 2 years now. So i went and borrowed my own money from there. I didn't get much money. $1000. But that's a hell of a start. So now I am feeling a shit ton better and the thought of Christmas is bringing back some more light in my eyes. I'm probably going to go shopping next week sometime and do it all in one day. That's my plans.

Sorry this was all over the place and COMPLETELY random, I just needed to vent!!

A real blog post soon to come:)

Tasha - xox

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