Tuesday, December 17, 2013

REVIEW!!! || Military Gum

Hello beauties!!! I have an amazing review today, although it has nothing to do with make-up. I cannot help it, I must share this with you! I discovered this gum about a year ago, give or take a couple months. I was skeptical at first, just like most are with any "energy" supplement. Way back in the day (about 4 years ago) I used to take Stackers for energy... that extra kick to get me going and motivated while working. Those things are so terrible, by the way. Don't ever take them. I don't remember much of them but I know they made me super moody. So when I stumbled on this gum, I was like "Meh, what the hell." Not to mention chewing gum seems hell of a lot better than swallowing a pill. I think I googles energy products one day and ran into this gum. I know for facts that I have been buying it on Amazon from day 1. Did I say how cheap they are also? The smallest package I have seen is where you get 6 packs of gum, each pack containing 5 pieces. Retails for $7 and some change. Killer deal!

All you need is one piece of gum. The directions say to chew one piece for 5 minutes. If you do not feel any energy within 15 minutes you can chew another piece. I never have had to chew 2 pieces. One does an amazing job! I usually feel it's effects within a couple minutes of chewing. As for the taste... it's not bad at all! there are three flavors. Spearmint, Artic Mint and Cinnamon. Spearmint is what I chew daily. I'd have to say out of all three flavors (they were awesome enough to send me a BUNCH of Artic Mint and Cinnamon to try since the only one I've had is spearmint) the Spearmint is the one that has a kind of harsh aftertaste. It's definitely not a gum you can throw in your mouth and chew all day. After about 15 minutes you can get rid of the gum and enjoy your day.

The kick it has is pretty incredible. After the gum is broken apart in my mouth, which is when I start to feel it, you definitely know you have a boost. Your heart does NOT pound out of your chest, you do NOT get a weak stomach or headache. It delivers enough caffeine for you to jump up outta your seat and get sh*t done! Its lasting effect? I'm not 100% sure because you do NOT crash, or feel like you lost a ton of energy. It just slowly fades off somewhere I think :)

I will never be a single day without this gum. It has been my life saver during my last couple hours of work at night and on my days off it has given me the energy and motivation to accomplish everything I need to.

I highly suggest you go and give this a try if you are in need of some energy. Being a Mom, working full time, or just on a lazy day that you should be getting stuff done. I now purchase mine straight from the company, as their customer service is above and beyond any I have ever dealt with. I will leave you the link as well as the product information below :)

Have an amazing day!!!

Tasha - xox

The Official website I purchase from

The Amazon site where it is sold

The Military spec caffeine Story
Marketright Inc. and the Military have worked together for six years to help stop fatigue related injuries and deaths.
The result, Military Spec Caffeine Gum, is finally in production and available to the U.S. Armed Forces and security agencies.  
Troops no longer have to resort to eating freeze dried coffee grounds in the field to keep alert.  
Military Spec Caffeine Gum has been field tested by Military Labs.  
Military Spec Caffeine Gum has been proven to be an effective and efficient tool for addressing the fatigue/sleep deprivation problems that have been causing injuries and deaths among our troops.  
Not only does Military Spec Caffeine Gum decrease accidents, but it increases soldier performance.  Clinical studies have proven increased physical and cognitive performance as well as improved marksmanship and overall vigilance under sleep deprived conditions.  
It has been concluded that Military Spec Caffeine Gum provides a rapid absorption of caffeine through the oral membrane in the mouth, while also being a lightweight, compact, and convenient vehicle.  
Military Spec Caffeine Gum decreases accidents – increases performance – saves lives.

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