Monday, December 9, 2013

Hi, Meet BOB

Hello beauties and good morning!!! This blog post is completely off topic to anything I've yet to post but I was inspired yesterday, yes, by a man named Bob. Bob (his real name) works where I do and in the 4 years I have been employed there, I've always seen him. Everyone talk of him, he's about 60-70ish (I'm not good at guessing ages) and he has some stories. the kind of stories you'd hear from your typical Grandpa.

So yesterday I was rushing in to the time clock as usual. Bob is a security guard and yesterday he was posted by the time clock when I came in. I always greet him "hi Bob!" and his response is always "Hey, kid". I had a few minutes to spare yesterday though and rather then just say Hi, I told him it was bitter cold outside. He continued the conversation with "Where did you grow up, kid" I told him "Right here in town, unfortunately". Well, that kicked off a story :) He proceeded to say how unfortunate it is to bring kids up in this town nowadays compared to when he was in his younger years. He said that when he was little this town was amazing, the people were amazing, everyone was friends with everyone, and there was no such thing as 'crime'. I know this to be true. Growing up with 6 aunts and uncles, I've heard my fair share of stories. But each time, I am always in awe. How could a town that was so great, turn to what it is today.

Bob said when he was a kid, the TV wasn't even in the picture until he was more towards a teen (just the thought of that would make me feel ancient) but with his heart and charm I think he still feels 13 :) Anyways, it's so true. Technology has not made the world a better and more informed place it has actually made people into the world we have today. I feel technology would have been useful in medicine, for sure. But carrying it into the world of people has destroyed us, and the world we live in. I envy the people who do not know how to even use a cell phone or a computer. So many lives have been torn apart. My experience with technology has brought unbelievable hurt on my soul, and as much as I hate it, I must use it everyday. In my eyes. I'd be lost without my phone, but I am super annoyed by what can be done and is done every single day. technology is abused and used.

I love my kids so much but am so scared and I hurt for them already by the life and obstacles they are going to face growing up. Life can be hard sometimes as it is. How come we can't have communities and families like they did 50 years ago? Whatever happened to all that? Where people communicated by going to each others house to visit. Now, you pick up your phone and text or email. Bob said it was only the men allowed to go to the pool hall, where there would be alcohol, and the boys would swear. Women were allowed, but they could go have tea with their friends. Hmm, then there would be no drunk sluts slouching over your man at the bar. Women concentrated on raining their kids, not worrying about working 40+ hours a week .

What ever happened to society? Do you believe technology killed it?

Until later,
Tasha - xox

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