Saturday, December 28, 2013

My Favorite EcoTools!!!

My Favorite EcoTools Brushes!

Hello Beauties! I wanted to share with you all my absolute favorite EcoTools makeup brushes! I use these brushes daily and I have zero complaints because they are AWESOME! All EcoTools brushes are 100% Cruelty Free.  The handles are made of bamboo and recycled aluminum ferrules and the bristles are made of synthetic taklon.  It is really great to see a brand focusing their line on the earth and how to be Eco-friendly.  As an Environmental Studies major, I appreciate brands such as EcoTools and support them 100%!
EcoTools Tapered Blush Brush
            The first brush I want to talk about is the Tapered Blush Brush.  I've had this brush for so long and it still looks and feels brand new! I use it for bronzing my whole face, however this brush can be used for many different things such as blush (of course), contouring, setting and applying powder foundation.  It is fluffy but at the same time very dense.  It is the perfect multitask brush!
6 Piece Essential Eye Set

Blending Brush
           The blending brush that comes in this set is very dense and tapered.  I actually use this brush for either highlighting my brow bone or buffing in my concealer underneath my eyes.  This definitely could be a blending brush for those who like denser blending brushes. I prefer more fluffy ones.

Highlight Brush
          The highlighting brush is the PERFECT crease and blending brush! It blends the shadows out so smoothly and nicely.  You can also apply your transition/blending color with this brush and it works wonderfully.  This is by far my favorite brush in this set!

Crease Brush
           The crease brush is angled and fluffy.  I have used this for highlighting and also blending.  If you like using angled brushes for your crease, this is perfect for you! It is very soft and blends the color out while you apply it. 

Shader Brush
           This small shader brush is great for those with small eyes! I use this to pack on my all over lid shade and I love it! It is small and precise! I also use this for cream eye shadows because when I use my finger or a bigger shader brush, the cream shadow gets up in my crease. 

Smudge Brush
           The smudge brush is very small and domed.  It is perfect for either smudging shadow on your lower lash line or smudging out your gel liner on your upper lash line! It is very small and precise!

Day to Night Set

Day to Night Set

Small Powder Brush
             The small powder brush is perfect for setting the under eyes.  It is also the perfect brush to use when using loose powder.  I find that it buffs and blends the powder really nicely into my skin.  It is rather small so setting the whole face with this might take a little bit longer, however it is doable.  
Stay-There Shadow Brush
            The stay-there shadow brush is a rather big, fluffy shader brush.  This is a great eyeshadow brush if you have big eyes because it will apply the color to your lid and at the same time, blend it out since it is fluffy.  I have smaller eyes, so I use this brush to highlight my brow bone and I find that it works really well!
Smudge Brush
            The smudge brush is one of my favorite brushes of all time! I use this to outline my crease and outer v.  It is the perfect domed shape to outline and you cannot mess up your eyeshadow if you have this brush! It is very precise and easy to use even if you are a beginner!
Pointed Concealer Brush
            The pointed concealer brush is also one of my favorites by EcoTools.  I do not use this for concealing just because I prefer fluffier brushes for concealing my acne spots and under eyes.  Instead, I use this brush the same way as I use the smudge brush.  I like to outline my crease and outer lid with it because it is precise and very easy to use.
Lip/Liner Brush
          The last brush in this set is the lip/liner brush.  I use this more for lining my eyes because it is very dense and flat.  I have used it to apply lipstick and it does a great job!

Hope you all enjoyed :) Have an amazing Saturday!!

Tasha - xx

Monday, December 23, 2013

The T.M.I TAG!!!!!

Hello beauties!!!! I know it's been awhile and with every passing day I say "Oh I'm gonna throw that post up tomorrow". Well, after many tomorrows, here it is. A TAG I grabbed on YouTube :)


1: What are you wearing?
My jammies still... it's 6:53am :)

2: Ever been in love?
Yes and still am even after 14 years and heartache

3: Ever had a terrible breakup?
No ans hope I never do!

4: How tall are you?
About 5'2 (don't judge!!)

5: How much do you weigh?
Aout 110lbs

6: Any tattoos?
Yes, I have Bryan's last name om my shoulder blade

7: Any piercings?
I have my ears done (2 holes) and also had my tongue done about 7-8 years ago, but havent had a ring in it for about 6 years

8: OTP?

9: Favorite Show?
SONS OF ANARCHY Oh my goodness that show is absolutely AMAZING!!

10: Favorite bands?
I dont have a favorite band but my favorite 'rapper' is Eminem. I just love him in general

11: Something you miss?
Being a carefree kid

12: Favorite song?
Eminem's "desperation"

13: How old are you?
29 years YOUNG haha

14: Zodiac sign?

15: Quality you look for in a partner?
I never thought about it but probably how big of a heart they have

16: Favorite Quote?
Do unto others as you would want done to you

17: Favorite actor?

18: Favorite color?

19: Loud music or soft?
It depends, If I have earphones in. I need it super loud. Or if I am by myself on my way to work, it needs to be loud loud loud, but any other time, if it's loud it pisses me off. Strange?

20: Where do you go when you’re sad?
No where, I have four kids so I just can't escape. I gotta suck it up and deal with it

21: How long does it take you to shower?
Oh thats not long at all... 10  minutes, 20  minutes if I have to shave

22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
Now that is the long part, I can get ready in an hour of need be, but if I take my time it would take me close to 2 hours

23: Ever been in a physical fight?
Yes, unfortunantly, in junior high school

24: Turn on?
Just being nice makes me happy

25: Turn off?
Cocky comments, smart remarks, puns made at me just not said straight fowrward

26: The reason I joined Blogger?
To Blog duhhh, no just to have someolace to look back in 10 years :)

27: Fears?
Spiders, fire, water (like river/ocean)

28: Last thing that made you cry?

29: Last time you said you loved someone?
Last night when Iput the kids to bed

30: Meaning behind your Blogger Name?
Just a random thought

31: Last book you read?
50 shades of grey

32: The book you’re currently reading?
None at the moment

33: Last show you watched?

34: Last person you talked to?
My kids (they just woke up)

35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted?
It was my mom this morning.,... our relationship is amazing, shes my mom :)

36: Favorite food?
PIZZA and also hot wings trailing close behinf

37: Place you want to visit?

38: Last place you were?
before home last night? Work then Walmart!

39: Do you have a crush?
Yes I still crush on him after 14 years

40: Last time you kissed someone?
My kids last night

41: Last time you were insulted?

42: Favourite flavour of sweet?

43: What instruments do you play?
None, used to play the violin in 5-7th grade

44: Favourite piece of jewellery?
My sideways cross necklace

45: Last sport you played?

46: Last song you sang?
Probably wrecking ball

47: Favourite chat up line?
IDK what that means

48: Have you ever used it?

49: Last time you hung out with anyone?
Been awhile

50: Who should answer these questions next?
Anyone whos read it this far is a true champ and can take a few min to do it!

If you’ve been tagged you must complete all the questions and then tag someone or someones if you please. To let them know that they have been tagged please leave them a note on their most recent post to go to your blog to find out what to do.

Over and out x

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

REVIEW!!! || Military Gum

Hello beauties!!! I have an amazing review today, although it has nothing to do with make-up. I cannot help it, I must share this with you! I discovered this gum about a year ago, give or take a couple months. I was skeptical at first, just like most are with any "energy" supplement. Way back in the day (about 4 years ago) I used to take Stackers for energy... that extra kick to get me going and motivated while working. Those things are so terrible, by the way. Don't ever take them. I don't remember much of them but I know they made me super moody. So when I stumbled on this gum, I was like "Meh, what the hell." Not to mention chewing gum seems hell of a lot better than swallowing a pill. I think I googles energy products one day and ran into this gum. I know for facts that I have been buying it on Amazon from day 1. Did I say how cheap they are also? The smallest package I have seen is where you get 6 packs of gum, each pack containing 5 pieces. Retails for $7 and some change. Killer deal!

All you need is one piece of gum. The directions say to chew one piece for 5 minutes. If you do not feel any energy within 15 minutes you can chew another piece. I never have had to chew 2 pieces. One does an amazing job! I usually feel it's effects within a couple minutes of chewing. As for the taste... it's not bad at all! there are three flavors. Spearmint, Artic Mint and Cinnamon. Spearmint is what I chew daily. I'd have to say out of all three flavors (they were awesome enough to send me a BUNCH of Artic Mint and Cinnamon to try since the only one I've had is spearmint) the Spearmint is the one that has a kind of harsh aftertaste. It's definitely not a gum you can throw in your mouth and chew all day. After about 15 minutes you can get rid of the gum and enjoy your day.

The kick it has is pretty incredible. After the gum is broken apart in my mouth, which is when I start to feel it, you definitely know you have a boost. Your heart does NOT pound out of your chest, you do NOT get a weak stomach or headache. It delivers enough caffeine for you to jump up outta your seat and get sh*t done! Its lasting effect? I'm not 100% sure because you do NOT crash, or feel like you lost a ton of energy. It just slowly fades off somewhere I think :)

I will never be a single day without this gum. It has been my life saver during my last couple hours of work at night and on my days off it has given me the energy and motivation to accomplish everything I need to.

I highly suggest you go and give this a try if you are in need of some energy. Being a Mom, working full time, or just on a lazy day that you should be getting stuff done. I now purchase mine straight from the company, as their customer service is above and beyond any I have ever dealt with. I will leave you the link as well as the product information below :)

Have an amazing day!!!

Tasha - xox

The Official website I purchase from

The Amazon site where it is sold

The Military spec caffeine Story
Marketright Inc. and the Military have worked together for six years to help stop fatigue related injuries and deaths.
The result, Military Spec Caffeine Gum, is finally in production and available to the U.S. Armed Forces and security agencies.  
Troops no longer have to resort to eating freeze dried coffee grounds in the field to keep alert.  
Military Spec Caffeine Gum has been field tested by Military Labs.  
Military Spec Caffeine Gum has been proven to be an effective and efficient tool for addressing the fatigue/sleep deprivation problems that have been causing injuries and deaths among our troops.  
Not only does Military Spec Caffeine Gum decrease accidents, but it increases soldier performance.  Clinical studies have proven increased physical and cognitive performance as well as improved marksmanship and overall vigilance under sleep deprived conditions.  
It has been concluded that Military Spec Caffeine Gum provides a rapid absorption of caffeine through the oral membrane in the mouth, while also being a lightweight, compact, and convenient vehicle.  
Military Spec Caffeine Gum decreases accidents – increases performance – saves lives.

Stay WITH Me!!??? A NEW PUPPY??!!

Good morning beauties!!! I just wanted to do a quick post before I get ready for the day. I wanted to let you kow that there are TWO posts coming today. I am doing a review for Military Gum (I am super excited!) and also a review of my December Ipsy bag (which is pretty negative this month). I have my pictures and all info I need and of course my opinion! :)

Sorry it has been awhile, my life has been in one hell of a turmoil. I'm not making excuses though. Here I am, haha. Please stay along for the ride.

And as the title says, in just a few hours I am getting my first puppy EVER :):):) My kids are beyond ecstatic and I wanted it to be a Christmas gift, but he needs to be picked up now, so that will do! Pictures and his loving welcome later on as well <3

Have a great morning!!

Tasha- xoxo

Friday, December 13, 2013

December Julep Box!!!! My FIRST ONE!!

Hello beauties, sorry I have been MIA lately. I have been super busy in life and mind that I have totally set my blog on the back burner. Won't happen again! Haha.So I put in for my first order for Julep, only because the first box was free (and who can turn down free?!) I just had to pay $3.99 for shipping, which I was OK with. Right after this blog post though, I am cancelling my subscription. I am a nail polish lover, most definitely. I have more nail polish than I can make excuses for, but I was not impressed with what I got. Here are some pictures!!

The two colors weren't THAT bad, but not unique.

I'm not sure the quality of Julep skin products

Inside the Julep box when I opened it.

So there's what I opened. Again, I am not sure about Julep's line of skin care. If you have any input opposing to my negative comments please let me know. Maybe I need to give it a shot?!

Have a great day ladies!!

Tasha- xoxo

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Now this, this would make me smile :)

Check out @StyleHaul's Tweet:

Monday, December 9, 2013

Growing Up In The 90's!!!!!!

Hi guys! Today I decided to do the 90's kids tag that I saw going around on Youtube. I grew up in the 90's so it has been a great part of my childhood. I have so many fun memeroes I can literally spend hours and hours thinking of the 90's fashion, music and tv shows. Take a look at some of my favorites!!! :)


1. Favorite TV show
- Clarissa Explains it All and Hey Dude! I think I might google where to watch those after this :)
2. Favorite Toy
-Polly Pockets were without a doubt one of the best toys ever created. These tiny worlds for tiny dolls were way too much fun for anyone’s good.

3. Favorite Commercial
-Oh my gosh, I just googles some commercials (because I have the memory of a hampster and don't recall any at all) and I seen the poptart commercial. I remember watching that & it was sooo awesome!!

4. NSync or Backstreet Boys
-Neither. I was New Kids On The Block all the way. I had a little obsession. I had all the dolls and their stage and my oldest brother used to pick on me so bad! I remember getting violently mad at him for hiding them on me!

5. Weirdest Fashion Trend
Definantly wearing these style hair tie's on your wrist for decoration, and those choker necklaces. I used to own soo many!!

6. Favorite Collectables
-Beanie babies!! As I am typing I am seeing the next questionn haha

7. Favorite Beanie Baby
-I don't know if I had a favorite but I do remember having a white angel one with wings

8. How many Tamagotchi's did you go through?
-Haha TONS! That would actually be a great Christmas gift for my daughters!!

9. Favorite Game Console + Game
-I had a PLaystation and I  played Sonic like nobodys business but my most favorite and most played was Gran Turismo!

10. Favorite Disney Channel Original Movie
-Ready for this???...... I've never watched a Disney movie. Like Lion King, Princess... nope. Never. They weren't for me. I was happy with Nick!

11. Favorite Music Artist
-Sound risiculous now, but it was Snoop Dog. I will never tell my kids :)

12. Favorite Nick Jr. show
-Was there a Nick jr?

13. Favorite Candy
-Oh this was fun looking up. I wonder if theres anywhere you could still buy these??

14. Favorite Game (Board game, School game, etc.)
-GUess Who!

15. Favorite McDonald's Happy Meal Toy
-Another one that was fun looking up and bringing back some memories!

16. Favorite Book
-R.L. Stine. I loves being able to go through and pick certain scenarios and teh books could end in a bunch of different ways.

17. Favorite Clothing Store
-In the 90's I didn't care much about my clothes. I'd have to ask my Mom that question.

18. What would you watch when you'd get home from school?
-I would grab a sppon and container of fluff, get down on the floor in front of the TV and watch Clarissa Explains It All!!!

That was all! I tag each and everyone of you to do this Tag. I really enjoyed searching old commercials and remembering all of the trends and weird games.

Tasha- xox

Hi, Meet BOB

Hello beauties and good morning!!! This blog post is completely off topic to anything I've yet to post but I was inspired yesterday, yes, by a man named Bob. Bob (his real name) works where I do and in the 4 years I have been employed there, I've always seen him. Everyone talk of him, he's about 60-70ish (I'm not good at guessing ages) and he has some stories. the kind of stories you'd hear from your typical Grandpa.

So yesterday I was rushing in to the time clock as usual. Bob is a security guard and yesterday he was posted by the time clock when I came in. I always greet him "hi Bob!" and his response is always "Hey, kid". I had a few minutes to spare yesterday though and rather then just say Hi, I told him it was bitter cold outside. He continued the conversation with "Where did you grow up, kid" I told him "Right here in town, unfortunately". Well, that kicked off a story :) He proceeded to say how unfortunate it is to bring kids up in this town nowadays compared to when he was in his younger years. He said that when he was little this town was amazing, the people were amazing, everyone was friends with everyone, and there was no such thing as 'crime'. I know this to be true. Growing up with 6 aunts and uncles, I've heard my fair share of stories. But each time, I am always in awe. How could a town that was so great, turn to what it is today.

Bob said when he was a kid, the TV wasn't even in the picture until he was more towards a teen (just the thought of that would make me feel ancient) but with his heart and charm I think he still feels 13 :) Anyways, it's so true. Technology has not made the world a better and more informed place it has actually made people into the world we have today. I feel technology would have been useful in medicine, for sure. But carrying it into the world of people has destroyed us, and the world we live in. I envy the people who do not know how to even use a cell phone or a computer. So many lives have been torn apart. My experience with technology has brought unbelievable hurt on my soul, and as much as I hate it, I must use it everyday. In my eyes. I'd be lost without my phone, but I am super annoyed by what can be done and is done every single day. technology is abused and used.

I love my kids so much but am so scared and I hurt for them already by the life and obstacles they are going to face growing up. Life can be hard sometimes as it is. How come we can't have communities and families like they did 50 years ago? Whatever happened to all that? Where people communicated by going to each others house to visit. Now, you pick up your phone and text or email. Bob said it was only the men allowed to go to the pool hall, where there would be alcohol, and the boys would swear. Women were allowed, but they could go have tea with their friends. Hmm, then there would be no drunk sluts slouching over your man at the bar. Women concentrated on raining their kids, not worrying about working 40+ hours a week .

What ever happened to society? Do you believe technology killed it?

Until later,
Tasha - xox

Friday, December 6, 2013


Good Morning and Happy Friday beauties!!! I don't have much to write about so I'm going to play catch up since it';s been a little bit and there has been a couple gaps in my blog posts. There's no legit excuse but I will say that Christmas has been stressing me the heck out!!! I have four kids that are all old enough to know Santa will be here soon and they have been good, and the only thing that means it's they get lots of presents from Santa! I know that I am not alone when I say that EVERY SINGLE YEAR right after Christmas, I tell myself that next year I need to start buying early. I usually am the one to say right after school starts in September I need to start Christmas shopping, to avoid the rush and stress. That never happens though. Not once have I been prepared or shopped early. I envy those that can pull that off though.

So, here it is. December 6th. My son (the only  boy) is 11 and is an avid video game player. (I know, I know). My second oldest is my daughter Bryanna who is 7. She has an imagination I would have died for as a child, and also loves video games, but just one in particular. On the computer, minecraft. Oh and she loves watching youtube videos and stealing my makeup! haha. My third child is my 4 year old daughter Brylee. She isn't the baby and everyone feels for her because she was pretty much robbed of her 'babyhood'. I might have just made that word up. But when she was only 1, a few months shy from 2, I brought home her new baby sister. And when I say robbed of, I mean my Son had 4 years of us before we brought his first sister home. Then when we brought Bryanna home, she had 3 years with us before we brought Brylee home. While Brylee only had that one year with us before we brought home her sister. And it was made rougher because both Brylee and Braelyn were in the hospital for 4-6 weeks before they could come home. So when we robbed her we also took some attention away to care for the sick baby Braelyn. who is 2 now, and out last baby ever :)

So with all those fun facts being said I just also wanted to include that for Christmas the last couple years my Grandma & Grandpa (who have done so much for me ever since I was a baby ALL the way up to present day) and also my Parents (who of course have done more for me than I could ever thank them for) they bring ALL their presents over on Christmas eve. So, on Christmas morning, after being depressed of all the little things we bought the kids, our eyes light up every year because not only do my Grandparents and Parents have enough money to buy way more then we can, but they also spoil the heck out of them. One example is, my 4 year old has an ipod and Kindle. I'm not going to rant and rave about what my kids own because not only do I not want to feel as though I am bragging, but 99% of it I don't agree with. Like this laptop I am using at the moment, my daughter who is 7 now, got when she was 4. needless to say I am and have been using it because it's not even logical to buy a 4 year old a damn laptop. When I complained about it to my Mom (My Gram was the one who got it) my Mom said Tasha, she knows she doesn't have 30 years left in her, just let her do what she wants. That made me feel a little bad, so I let it go. But every year for birthdays and holidays, I know my kids are well set. But what happens when they are all gone? I can't do all this by myself. And I think that is what ticks me off the most.

Anyways, after another pointless story. For Christmas this year i was starting to go a little crazy. It's December 6th. What am I going to do? Sure we have 2 paychecks before Christmas... but we also have bills. So I called up my job, because I have been enrolled in 401k there for about 2 years now. So i went and borrowed my own money from there. I didn't get much money. $1000. But that's a hell of a start. So now I am feeling a shit ton better and the thought of Christmas is bringing back some more light in my eyes. I'm probably going to go shopping next week sometime and do it all in one day. That's my plans.

Sorry this was all over the place and COMPLETELY random, I just needed to vent!!

A real blog post soon to come:)

Tasha - xox

Thursday, December 5, 2013

EOS Dilemma

Hello beauties!!! Hope you all are having an amazing day! This is random and quick. I was just cleaning out my purse and one of the items I pulled out and threw in the 'do not put back in purse' pile was a red EOS lip balm. Am I the only one who hates this stuff? I've never ever, not even after the five colors I bought, liked this carp.

I just tried it again before flinging it in the junk pile. You have to use so much pressure on ur lips to even a layer on. I would definitely purchase a plain Jane chapstick then to use this cute little egg. Makes me kind of sad just because the packaging is so darn cute and I've watched a million get ready with me videos and 99% of the ladies put this stuff on first to 'moisturize' their lips. I just don't get it.

Am I the only one? Probably. I'm probably the only person in the WORLD who hates this. But I did try to love it. So I give myself props for that. But jeeeeez!


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Since it IS only 24 DAYS AWAY!!!.....

Hello beauties!! This morning I woke up, turned the laptop on, and there it was, flashing in my face. The date. December 1, 2013. Oh how so unready for Christmas I am!!! Anyways, here's a quick little Christmas TAG I found that I figured would be a good time to post :) Hope you enjoy and have an amazing day!! 

1. When do you begin to get excited for Christmas? 
  - When I was a kid, Christmas really sunk in shortly after Thanksgiving when we would put our tree up!!
2. What is your favorite Christmas song? (add a link if you want) 
 - I would have to say any pop artist singing Christmas music. For my kids sake, all and any Christmas music is allowed to play but my favorite would have to be by pop singers :) 

3. What are your top 3 favorite Christmas movies? 
 - A Christmas Story of course. Even though it is overplayed now but that was and always will be my favorite. (You'll shoot your eye out) haha
 - Elf definitely comes in next in line. That was hilarious
 - And I'd probably choose How The Grinch Stole Christmas. That was a nice watch too,

4. Do you send out Christmas cards? 
 - No we do not, although we definitely should. Although this day and age we can send one via text message or email :)
5. Do you shop early or leave it till last minute? 
 - Last minute. It is December 1st and I have not one item yet. And FOUR kids to buy for, Hate myself for it every single year.
6. Do you prefer giving gifts or receiving them? 
 - Both, I have receiving a gift when I have no gift to give in return. 
7. Do you get a real tree or a fake one? 
 - A fake one. II think I might have had a real one a few years ago. I don't know, my memory is shot, But usually fake.
8. Do you consider yourself a pro at wrapping presents, Alright at it, or you have to have someone else wrap your gifts? 
 - Oh I am an awesome present wrapper :)
9. When do you start listening to Christmas music? 
- I might be listening to it right now... haha but I usually start listening after Thanksgiving. Like, RIGHT after. Like the next day. 

10. What is your favorite thing about the holiday season? 
 - Just all the excitement and the happiness in people.
11. What is your favorite Christmas/Winter Drink? 
 - Always Dunkin Donuts Hot Caramel Latte :):)

Well that wasn't so bad, so come on. I TAG YOU. YOU'RE IT, so leave me a comment with the link to your Christmas TAG so I can come read it!!

Tasha - xoxo