Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Stay WITH Me!!??? A NEW PUPPY??!!

Good morning beauties!!! I just wanted to do a quick post before I get ready for the day. I wanted to let you kow that there are TWO posts coming today. I am doing a review for Military Gum (I am super excited!) and also a review of my December Ipsy bag (which is pretty negative this month). I have my pictures and all info I need and of course my opinion! :)

Sorry it has been awhile, my life has been in one hell of a turmoil. I'm not making excuses though. Here I am, haha. Please stay along for the ride.

And as the title says, in just a few hours I am getting my first puppy EVER :):):) My kids are beyond ecstatic and I wanted it to be a Christmas gift, but he needs to be picked up now, so that will do! Pictures and his loving welcome later on as well <3

Have a great morning!!

Tasha- xoxo

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  1. How wonderful! I can imagine how happy the kids must be!
    Hi! Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!