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My 13 Favorite YouTuber's of 2013!!!!

My 13 favorite YouTubers of 2013!!!

Today I was reading a blog post and they had a post on their 13 favorite YouTubers of 2013. I think this DEFINANTLY should be a TAG post for sure! I would love reading and finding out about new YouTubers! Don't you?! If so then I automatically TAG YOU! :)   These are just a few of my favorites and the ones I found myself watching the most in the past year. I hope you guys can check out these lovely ladies because each one is  extremely talented and I love watching each and every one of them! 

One of my most favorite YouTubers, Vanessa! She is super funny and the most down to earth person I have ever seen on YouTube. Her son reminds me of my own. He is so cute and has an adorable relationship with his Mama! :) Vanessa does amazing reviews and hauls along with her amazing vlogs!
YouTube:  Vad is Rad
Twitter:  Vanessa
Instagram: Vad is Rad

Raising The Barrs
Raising The Barrs

These guys { Jacob and Allison} do DAILY vlogs. They have 2 children Gavin & Berkley who are so so adorable. She just recently did an 'interview' with Gavin and it was absolutely hilarious!! These guys have been my favorite for a short period I just found them not too long ago and have a LOT of vlogs to catch up on. They don't seem to have any social media connection besides YouTube so that is a bummer :/

The Schuerman Show

I cannot say enough good things about this family. They have been a favorite of mine for a good couple years. I won my first ever giveaway from Sam! She is like the sweetest woman ever and the relationship she has with her children I am so amazed by. They are also the most well behaved children I have ever seen. They also do daily vlogs and Sam alsoo has her own makeup channel!
YouTube: The Schuerman Show 
Twitter: Sam Schuerman

That Taylaa
I discovered Taylaa a while back, but then she had gone some time spent away with family so I hadn't seen many of her videos popping up. I'm not sure her exact plans now but she IS making more videos that are amazing and as far as her reviews, the bomb dot com.
YouTube: That Taylaa
Twitter: That Taylaa
Instagram: That Taylaa
Tumblr: That Taylaa

Jordan Cheyenna
Jotdam is the most sweetest and adorable person ever.She works super hard to do videos including every week on Mondays {if I am right} she does a "whats on sale at the druugstore" video and usually 9 times out of 10 if she does a product review and says he likes it, I'll be ata my local stores buying it!
YouTube: Jordan
Twitter: JayJaysBeauty
Instagram: JayJayWeezy
Music Covers on Youtibe: Jordans Music Covers

The Lehoux Family
Next is Sara and her family! She is currently pregnant with baby #3. She is an amazing stay at home Mom with lots of support from her boyfriend. She does pregnancy series where she goes into details about her cravings, feelings etc and I think that 1st time Moms or even 3rd, 4th or 6th time Moms would find her very helpful and fun! 

Tiff & Yan
O.M.G. I started watching Tiff awhile back and what drew me into her was watching a vlog she was doing where Yan {her boyfriend} was in the background playing video games and the more I watched the more I was in shock of how crazy similar we are in so many different ways. They do not have children but they do have a dog whos name is Haileigh. She is very very spoiled!!

Melissa Raymond
You probably already are subscribed to the lovely Melmphs but if you aren't then you really need to check her out! She is hilarious and full of such a great energy that I enjoy watching! She puts up videos almost every day and they are always really informative and fun! 

Carah’s Life
I love these guys so much they are so super cute together. Carah is pregnant with baby #2 at the moment and is also a great stay at home Mom like Sara from The Lehoux Family! Def must check them out! They also do daily vlogs!!

Meghan Rienks
Meghan is someone I can watch and just feel at ease. She has an amazing life and her personality totally pulls you in. She is absolutely gorgeous and if you aren’t already involved in her awesomeness, you need to be!

Her accent. That basically describes my love for her. She has the most cutest accent ever ever. She has a little girl and husband and they also do daily vlogs. She is a somewhat stay at home Mom {she owns a hair salon but usually takes her little girl with her}. She does makeup reviews, ipsy unboxings, DIY and she taught me the best methods for going between hair washes!

She speaks what is on her mind, no matter what the outcome. She is the most straight forward person in the world. I just recently found her so I don’t have too much to say, but of you need a good laugh go check her out!

Alexa ‘Ra
Oh my, she is a sweetheart! She is currently going througha life changing experiencing after losing her Mom bacj in October 2013 in a horrible car accident. She has a brand new outlook on life, and she is doing amazing. I love her to pieces and know she is turning into one amazing person!

That’s all I have for now, just some quick ones I could think if that I have been obsessed with and watching! I hope you enjoyed!

Let me know your favorite YouTubers in the comments below!

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