Friday, January 10, 2014

Five On Friday Vol #2!!

Hello and Good Morning Beauties!!! Where the heck did the week go?! I felt like I just did my first ever Five on Friday post a couple days ago?! Without any more non-sense, here is my FoF!!

{1} I've had the whole week off from work (from Saturday Jan. 4th until tomorrow the 11th! I have enjoyed every second of it! I had some-what of a break as well because my Gram {Bless her soul} took my baby baby, Braelyn, who is 2 for a couple days and when she brought her home she took Brylee, age 4, for a couple days and should be coming home today. I've never had brothers or sisters {which was good and bad equally} so i don;t know if it's normal for them to hate each other. In all seriousness they fight like nobodies business. So when one of them are away it's very peaceful and no headaches for Mama :)

I'd be lost without my Grandparents. They would/have done anything and everything for me. I've never had to go without {that's where the best part of being an only child had good feedback} and even now as I am older they are here for my kids more then themselves. Which upsets me a lot. And when I brought it to their attention that my 5 year old does NOT need a laptop for her birthday and my 11 year old son does NOT need every game console they come out with .. her response was "I'm going to do what I want for them, I'm not going to be here forever." I was speechless at that thought so I could do nothing to defend it.

{2} With having so many days off I accomplished a crap ton of stuff on my blog and other social media. The only thing techy I have not done yet is organize my phone. Going back to work tomorrow I can think of quite a bit of things to do. I wanted to do a post every week of my Week In Pictures but sadly I think my time would be scrunched for that. So here are some picture of this week I will throw in here:

We were getting ready for bath time :)

Kayleigh made my week by following me on her following spree :):)

 I received my first ever VoxBox. Venus to come after a few more uses!

My first drug store trip this week. I have been using the stay  matte primer anxious to see about the foundation

Had to go on a mini road trip this week with the #littlemonster

Haylee being a bad girl!!

Braelyn was watching TV with Haylee... priceless :)

Second drug store trip. mascara is real good, covergirl lipstick || total fail

{3} I've spent too much time on Amazon and searching YouTube for the Best beauty products of 2013 that after, well I wont say how much, I have finally banned myself from Amazon. {Not really but you should be able to totally have that ability!} I have had some things come in already that I have posted to my Instagram account [click here for my instagram]. Some I was happy with, others, well, it is what it is.

{4} I know I included Haylee last week, but I can;t help it. I need some major help with her. I have never had a dog before and I totally get where my Mom was coming from {although I won't tell her that} when she said I should have another kid instead of a puppy. Although they do require attention, and lots of it, that is not an issue at all. It's the training to go outdoors thing. I understand it is winter and probably the worst time ever to try and train a puppy to go outside but damnnnn. It's bizarre that she goes outside, but then it;s like she doesnt finish and comes inside to finish going. Its frustrating. I am thinking of putting one of the babies diapers on her. Totally joking! If you have any suggestion PLEASE let me know!

{5} I need to buy a new planner. I usually get the students planner at Office max or WalMart and being January 10th already, I am 10 days late. I usually get the real cute ones in hopes that it would make me use it more... it never does. And you would think I would write important dates in there or appointments. Nope. I use it as a daily diary. I've never finished a whole years worth. I go days or weeks forgetting about it. I have found many old ones and I love sitting down and reading them and immediately going back to that moment in my life. I was hoping that would give me the inspiration to write in there daily no matter what so I could look back in a couple years but nope. Someday....

I know this was NOT a great 5 facts for this week. But it's just the things on my mind lately. Hope you all have an amazing Friday. Now I am off to read everyone elses' posts :)


  1. Welcome to blogging! I'm not new necessarily, but I've taken a new direction, so I started a new blog lol.

    Most of my Christmas gifts were makeup that I'd never shell out the cash for myself...totally feel ya there!

    As far as planners go, check out May Designs May Books. They've got some great options that help me use them more consistently! Glad you followed!

    Sunny @

  2. Oh my!! I just checked out her website, how gorgeous!! I am def ordering a weekly planner asap!! Loving monograms lately :):) Thank you sooo much for the recommendation!!