Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Life Update || GUESS WHAT'S NEXT?!?

Hello beauties!!! It's the first Tuesday of 2014, how amazing is that?! I've read a bazillion resolutions everyone has this year and I must say that many are very interesting. It wasn't all the same "eating healthy" kind of resolutions I usually hear. School was cancelled for the kids yesterday {More on that story in a bit} and when the house wasn't full of chaos I jotted down some notes I wanted to include in this Life Update blog post. It's not a total life update, it's just whats been going on most recently in my life. Since I don;t go back to work until Saturday I am going to be doing a Day In The Life post this week! I am super excited about that!

So beginning with the school delay/cancellation yesterday. When the kids have school I set my alarm for 6:30am so I have time to wake up and get their breakfast ready and everything before waking them up at 7. Well yesterday I was RUDELY awaken by Bryan's phone ringing like it was bad news. By the time I got out of bed and over the dog the phone had stopped ringing. It was their school. A message was left by an automated robot saying school was delayed 2 hours. Thinking about it now and shortly afterwards I'd say that was a good idea. Never before have I ever received such a phone call, it just pissed me off upset me that it was 6am when they called. Even though I was going to be up in half an hour, the phone call still irked me. So now that I had woke Haylee up, I had to bring her outside to pee. I re-set my alarm for 7:30 but only managed about 20 minutes sleep. Brendon {my 11 year old expert on school delays/cancellations} came downstairs about 7:15 and said school was cancelled now. Sure enough it was. It was supposed to be their first day back after Christmas vacation. Damn. ;)

Haylee's update. Haylee still is not going to the bathroom each and every time like we all wish she would. When she goes outside she does her business, then when she comes in she does it as well. Not quite understanding and my Mom said that it's not the best time of year {meaning winter} to get a puppy and try to train it for the outdoors when it's bitter cold out. Which is true because there has been many mornings when it's -25 degrees out that I won't even bother attempting to put her out in the mornings. She did have an incident about a week and a half ago where we found worms in her poop. My Mom had brought over some de-worming medicine she had for her dog and it cleared her right up. I still want to get her into the vet though to be sure on it.

I received my first voxbox in the mail yesterday. It was a Venus sensitive razor and yes I had to try it out. So I had 2 showers yesterday. It was, meh. I'll have a full review on it in a later post. I want to try it out a couple more times first.

Lately at night Bryan and I have been watching movies. Usually our routine is he sits on his computer and watches his YouTube subscriptions and I sit on the recliner with headphones and my laptop and watch mine. Every single night. With headphones in my ears you can pretty much guess our communication levels. Nil. Anyways so that last few nights we have stopped and put in a movie about 11pm-ish. Two nights ago we watched Lone Survivor which was a true story {true stories always have my attention} of a man, Marcus Luttrell, who was a NAVY SEAL and shows what he experienced in the Afghanistan mountains in 2005, where he and three other SEALs were caught in a disastrous firefight against a much larger Taliban force that ultimately left 19 Americans dead. It was one of the best movies I have ever watched in my life. Click here for a more detailed read.

I have had fake nails on for a week now. I used the "impress" nails that are in the picture but for lasting purposes I found the need to use nail glue along with the glue that already comes on the nails.
I've yet to try any other colors but def am going to!

I think I am going to end it at that for now, meanwhile watch out for the Day In The Life post I am going to be doing. {Working on it now!}

Have a FABULOUS day Beauties!! Until next time..

XO Tasha

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  1. The kids were out of school here too. Your nails are pretty!