Saturday, January 18, 2014

Five On Friday!!

Happy Friday Beauties!! I almost ran out of time for this post, it's been one heck of a day. One of those days where time isn't on your side. At all. Know what I mean? This morning started off with me waking  up late {I set my alarm for 6 to be up before the kids and get their breakfast before school}. My alarm is a piece of crap {knew when I set it last night it probably wasn't going to work} and never went off this morning. So I never got up until 7:30. Bus comes at 8. So I had to wake the babies up and bring the kids to school today. The coldness outside pisses me off. Especially when I am not fully awake yet. Anyways, here I am with the 5 highlights of my week!! :)

{ONE} Haylee our now 3 month old puppy has been getting to me real bad. She has destroyed most of the girls barbies and little toys they received for Christmas. She is still peeing and pooping anywhere and everywhere, except outside. She would rather just go out there to hang out with the snow I guess. I don't know. That's all I can say is I don't know. It's just really frustrating. This is my first dog ever, so maybe it's just me being impatient, ignorant or stupid. Who knows.

{TWO} We had a  bitch fest meeting {mandatory} at work this week. It was basically to get everyone on 'the same page'. That was a fail. I didn't see anything come out of it at all. Was my day off but luckily we get paid for the one two hour meeting.

{THREE} On a positive note, the ipsy bag this month was AMAZING. I loved absolutely everything and I am pretty sure I valued everything at $45!! For a $10 fee I think that is pretty damn good. I was going to cancel this month too because for the last two months I have been so disappointed. To be so disappointed over $10 must really mean I HATED it. Ipsy grabbed me for another month though, lets hope they keep on being awesome!! Did you guys get yours yet?

{FOUR} I am already spending taxes that aren't here yet. I just want to make one big purchase really really bad. I want to get a mac book. Nothing extreme or too fancy, just the most easy and useful one they offer. No matter what. I always say I'm going to get this or that for myself and every single time I always bail out to try and 'save' the money. Which ends up being spent anyways so whats the point. I am going to get one and that is that! Hopefully taxes will be on and done within a couple of weeks.

{FIVE} Kind of on that same topic I am due for a phone upgrade and I am going to get my iPhone back. I have had a Samsung Galaxy for about 2 years now and after only the first week I was missing my iPhone. I think it's because it was more simple. I don;t like having to choose from 1 million themes or fonts. I'd rather it just be simple. You know? Why does life have to be so complicated?! 

Well that is all for now guys. I know it was boring as hell but this week has just been blah! 
Have an amazing day!!


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