Thursday, January 23, 2014

Excuse My RandomNESS!!

Oh my goodness! Hello beauties! I have had the most horrible blogging experience EVER. I have about 3 drafts saved from the last 3 days. I have began my blog posts, then life got in the way and I never got to finish or post them. I have been itching to get something up and last night I had the perfect opportunity but the boyfriend was near by and I couldn't!! {That's a whole post in itself I will explain in detail later on}. I just want to get this up, I never thought I would miss talking to you so much!!

Like I said, the last few days have been taking my whole attention. My first day off from work {Tuesday} I was like YES! The babies are being so well behaved I can get a blog post in today and probably catch up on my daily reads! Nope. As soon as that thought entered my head it was the battle of baby vs. baby for the remainder of the day. On top of that I was having a really stressful day from bill paying and such. So that day went by, with nothing accomplished except some laundry. Yesterday I felt as though I was on the go all day, then when the older kids got off the bus at 3:30pm, it was time to plan and make supper then give baths and off to bed they went. I had the perfect opportunity to sit down, come to my blog and breath. I usually catch up on youtube at night, which is what I ended up doing because like I said earlier, the boyfriend was right there. I know you are probably thinking, so what Tasha? Well the reason for that is many. Does he know I have a blog? Maybe he does if he sees my Twitter account at all. Or maybe he has never noticed it. I get very, is the word I am looking for self conscious? That may be the word I want to use. I am afraid of being talked to like what I am doing is dumb and stupid. "A blog? Why would you want to do that?" .. and those such things do you know what I mean?

Is it weird that I always want to erase and start anything and everything i am doing all over again? I was thinking about doing that with this blog yesterday. I was thinking, I should just erase it all and start fresh, maybe I go all over the place with this blog and maybe it would be better to keep it on one topic. Although deciding not to, it made me think, why do I always want to do that? Even with monthly planners. Sometimes I will use them as a diary and there has been many times I have bought new ones and in the new ones re-write every single day i already have in the old one. If that doesn;t make sense I guess I am trying to say I transfer all the writing and hard work, just to get a new looking design for my planner, or maybe I though a couple days weren't neat enough, my handwriting. I just did it with my phone last night. I completely restored to factory setting and re did everything. I do that quite often.

I received my MAC prolongwear concealer yesterday. This is the second time I have purchased it. I am kind of light-medium skin tone and the first time I bought it in a light color for highlighting. I think i had NC15 maybe? {Anyways I had their lightest color} and so this time I went a little darker because I want it to cover my freckles before foundation. I didn't want to go darker than my foundation though of course, so I went with NW25. I will have to say  I'm kinda scared. It looks super dark in the bottle. I double checked the color and it is written on the bottom of the concealer so I don't know. We will see this afternoon. I was going to test it on the back of my hand last night but I didn't want to waste one single pump!! They don;t sell that stuff for cheap!

I'm sorry this is all over the place I am just trying to include everything I wanted to the last couple days! And I am just happy I have stuff to write about. Most of the time when I sit down to write a blog post I just sit here and stare at the computer and think way too hard on what to write about that day. I could write on paper all day things I want to do or say, but when it comes time to type I get a huge "DUHH" moment! I have joined a couple link ups which I absolutely love and am so happy I found. Tomorrow I get to do the 'Five on Friday' link up, so I better keep this shorter than I wanted or I will have nothing to tell you tomorrow. :)

One more thing before I go that I will probably mention tomorrow but need to mention today too because I am TOO EXCITED! I joined up to do the Valentines Day Swap!! I got hooked up with Lindi and CANNOT wait to send out her package!! {Hope she doesn't get upset, I kind of have a shopping problem!} This is my first ever swap and I am glad I got such a sweet woman!!

Ok, sorry for the random shits fired. I have to stop for now or tomorrow I will be stuck in DUHH land again. I hope you all have an amazing day/night! It's back to work for me today, so until next time!!


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