Saturday, November 30, 2013

My November Favorites!!

Hello beauties!! I watch so many monthly favorite videos and I finally decided 'DUHHH I CAN DO A BLOG ON MY MONTHLY FAVORITES!!' So, here I am. What I have noticed though when I actually sit down and think about it is, I usually use the same products month after month after month. But I have actually bought some new stuff this month so it makes a little more sense to do this blog post! So let's jump right into it and hope this doesn't get too long or bore you.

Starting with hair stuff.. For about two weeks now I have been using the Mane and Tale shampoo and conditioner. I needed something to help my dry processed hair and have tried so so many different shampoo and conditioners and I honestly didn't have much hope for this brand anymore then I did the brand before. But it made my hair feel absolutely AMAZING! I was so surprised and shocked and very happy with the results. I am just about out and I will definitely be re-purchasing!

For my face moisturizer, this isn't something newly purchased but it is something new I have dug out of the back of my beauty junk and rediscovered. It's my Simple Face Moisturizer. I Came to find out the hard way that when I was applying face moisturizer before  my primer everyday I was applying too much. That was leaving my face slippery and not a good canvas to work with. So lately I have been using the tiniest amount, just enough to make a thin layer all over my face and it has been making application of everything else a breeze!

For foundation, I am still on my Kat-Von D Bottle. I believe I have been using this for probably 5 weeks or so. I had ordered it online along with Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hour foundation. I absolutely love the coverage of Kat Von D but i was finding that after I put some dabs on my face by the time I went back in to rub it in, it was drying and very hard to blend. So I have recently been applying little tiny dots of the Tarte foundation and it has just been making it so much easier to blend the Kat Von D.

All month for concealer I was experimenting. I have used the maybelline dark spot corrector (the one in the white tube not the clear one) and applying that all over my face before foundation (was an amazing freckle cover-upper) haha. But recently I have purchased and tried the fit me concealer along with glamouflauge by hard candy. But just two days ago I went and repurchased the maybelline dark spot correcter because it just worked the best for me.

As for my eyeshadow, i have not added anymore to my collection. I have more then enough and every color that I would ever use. I am not one for bright green or blue eyeshadow..I'm just a natural eye, smokey most of the time. So All I have been using is Wet N Wild brown colored trio's and switching it up between some maybelline quads too. I have been loyal to my eyeliner as well. For tight lining and water lining I have been sticking with my scandaleyes waterproof khol pencil and for my top eyeliner I have been with jessies girl. It stays put ALL day long I absolutely love it!!

And that about sums it up. I do have some model in a bottle spray left..probably about a work weeks worth but I cannot use that with the kat von d foundation because as soon as I spray that on my face, it immediately breaks apart my foundation. So I will keep that in a safe place until my foundation is gone, because model in a bottle is actually a really great product.

Oh I almost forgot mascara. Sometime my friend sometimes my enemy. I use a ton of mascara. Everyday. I have a drawer full of about 15 mascaras open and used. I only curl my lashes the once, right before mascara. I have tried curling them again to get my desired effect, but every time I went to do that it would just make a mess of my lashes. And yes, I made sure they were dry before I curled them again. I usually like to start and end with clump crusher to separate my lashes, and I use basically anything and everything between those coats until I get my desired effect.

Ok, now I am really done. Hope you enjoyed reading! I will get better at these I promise. This was super fun to do and think about!

Hope you all have an amazing Saturday!!

Tasha - xoxo

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