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Hello loves!!! It's Friday morning, and my plan was to get this posted last night but I got too sucked into my YouTube subscription feed that by the time I was like 'Oh ya!! THAT'S what I needed to do!!' it was too late and I was too tired. But here it is, better late then never I suppose. Even though I hate that saying because I'm always late at everything :( Anyyyways, here is my full coverage makeup routine for EVERYDAY. I've been with my boyfriend like 12-13 years and he can testify that I've never been a day without makeup, except a few days where he wasn't home, that was my exception. That may sound weird and sound as though I only wear makeup to impress my boyfriend, who should be with me no matter if I have makeup on or not if he truly cares, but it's just my own self-confidence issue. Not his. So without further rambles.... here it goes!!! Hope you enjoy!!

So to start with, before I take a shower (every morning, I CAN'T do the night shower thing) I was my face with Olay wash cloths. I just recently found them and they do work amazing. My only request would be that they be just a tad tiny bit bigger. After my shower I moisturize and with that I switch between two different moisturizers. I either use the brand 'Simple' moisturizer or I will use Cetaphil. Just depending on if I was a thick cream or thinner. Following that is my primer. I have been using Benefits POREfessional for about a week now, I ordered the little bitty (literally) travel size tube of it.  I use that on my problem pore area but it doesn't seem to work too well, and I even dab it in. And on the rest of my face I use Revlon primer, which I LOVE! Just recently I stopped using Garnie Fructis BB Cream, which I would apply on top of my primer. But lately I've just been going right to the concealer after primer. I need something good, because I have an army of freckles on my face that i HATE. I know some people love them, and most people that don;t have them think that the people who do should flaunt them.... well that's not me. I hate them and always have. Maybe if I didn;t have as much it'd be different. But from as far back as I can remember I have always had foundation on my face.

So for concealer for the last few weeks I have been using Sonia Kashuk's concealer palette in medium. Although the product went quite fast I do like the coverage and staying power. So At this point I just use the concealer and dab it over the majority of my freckles. I don;t get worried about a few popping through because I have discovered Kat Von D's Lock-It Tattoo Foundation. And kind of have an obsession! Although very thick and pretty hard to blend, I find the best way to apply is with my fingers. I dab the foundation in dots all over my entire face and use my fingers to blend it out. With it being so thick and hard to blend I take my wet beauty blender and dab the blender all over my face to even everything out. And it looks amazing. The only thing I CANNOT do with this foundation is set it with my Model In A Bottle setting spray because it seems to break apart the foundation around my nose. Odd, but that's what happens.

 If I feel like using a concealer to brighten my under eye I will use Mac Prolong wear concealer in NW20 or Maybelline Fit Me concealer wand in light. And I use the tip of the beauty blender to blend that out as well. I usually take my setting brush by elf to set my under eyes with stay matte translucent powder then use the same powder with elf's powder brush to set the rest of my face. Then bronzer time. My favorite part. I had elfs blush and bronzer duo before but it was in a super dark color... just recently I found the original (St.Lucia) duo and...AMAZING! I love it so much. And I also love the new brush I got for $3.99!!!!!! I will link it below. It doesn't even have a name, super cheap brush I was skeptical but meh, whats $3?! It took a couple weeks to come because it was from like China or something, that brush is ummm, there is not even words for it. I just washed my brushes last night, but I know that for foundation when I try it, it is going to be awesome. It is super superssoft and extremely dense! I use the same blush in the bronzer duo of St.Lucia then I highlight my cheekbones and bridge of my nose with hard Candy's "bronzer" in Tiki! That thing is going to last me YEARS.
 I use elfs eyeshadow primer (the one that's $1) and prime my eyes. I then use the elf eyeshadow compact pictured below, I use the second shade down, the light brown to contour my eyes. Then I put Maybellines          on my eyes before my base color, which I have been IN LOVE with the quad pictured below in the color      . I use the second color (dark brown) on my lids and the copper color in my crease. For the highlight on my eyes and inner corner I use the new Jordana eyeshadow stick. I love it so much!! I then tight line and put eyeliner on my lower lid with, again, Jordana's 12hr eyeliners (super soft and smooth and DOES last a super long time!) On my eyelid I have been using L'Oreal's carbon intense eyeliner for a long time and it's my holy grail and absolute favorite!!

For my eyelashes, I just curl them once, before I apply any mascara, and I either use CoverGirl clump crusher or Lash perfection as my first coat. More often I reach for Lash Perfection and then use clump crusher as my second layer. (there's a lot of layers let me warn you) Before that dries I go over my lashes with L'Oreal's shocking extensions and also use that on my lower lashes. At this point I may go back in with clump crusher depending on how I am doing for time. Usually as my last coat I use The Jordana extreme,  or  just pick a random volumizer from the drawer of 13 mascaras I have open : /
And by the way for all my mascaras they all have to be waterproof and in the blackest color they come. Same with eyeliner... the blackest I can get!

And that covers my face routine!! I used to love spraying my face at the end with model in a bottle setting spray, but with the kat von d foundation I cannot use that. Like I mentioned earlier it literally breaks apart my foundation right away. But when I was using Revlons ColorStay foundation, the model in a bottle worked AMAZING!! I am so glad I purchased that.

Most of the products I use come from the drug store because I do not have any stores around my area with high end makeup so therefor whatever high end products you see or hear of me mentioning I have ordered online. Usually from Amazon. That is my most shopped at online site.

Sorry this was super long but i wanted to include everything step by step. I hope you all have an amazing Sunday and I will talk to you soon!!!

Tasha - xoxo

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