Thursday, November 14, 2013

My YouTube.....

Hello loves. I just wanted to throw this down on the table real quick. I do have a YouTube channel. Currently on that I have just been uploading short mini clips of my life. Not being consistent but I am giving it my all, and until I figure out how to edit, its just coming straight from my phone. I am going to be using my flip camera soon to do a whats on my samsung galaxy 3 tag, and depending on the difference in quality I might use the flip from here on out. But we will have to see that quality.

My YouTube channel is NOT for tutorials, but rather beauty product reviews and rants and raves. I am no where near an artist and would never claim to be. So i will stick to vlogging and beauty reviews. I think I might make a separate channel for beauty and keep my vlogs separate, just because that seems to be what subbies like.

But yea, I just wanted to get that out. No pressure to subscribe ;)   <----- Vlog Channel

Have a great and Happy Thirsty Thursday !!!

Tasha - xoxo

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