Saturday, November 16, 2013

The 30 Beauty Questions TAG!!!

Time for another tag! MissLJBeauty tagged me to do this a few days ago (I got really busy so I'm kind of late on doing it) but I'm so glad I finally had the time to do it! There are 30 beauty questions to answer, so lets just jump right into it! :)

1. How many times do you wash your face daily?
Once. I wash it in the morning and that's it. Bad beauty rule broken, I know!

2. What skin type do you have?
I have combination skin. My T-Zone is an oil slick and I HATE it!

3. What is your current facial wash?
I use the Olay clothes you have to wet and lather, then I use Nutrogena wipes to get off any excess, then in the shower I use a nutregina face bar soap to get the leftovers!

4. Do you exfoliate?
Yes. I exfoliate my face at least once a week with St.Ives scrub.

5. What moisturiser do you use?
Recently I've been bouncing between a few. I will either use Simple Brand or Cetaphil.

6. Do you have freckles?
YES. My face is COVERED. And I  have hated them since I was teeny tiny.

7. Do you use eye cream?
No, but I have been wanting to!

8. Did you or do you have acne prone skin?
No I do not. I very rarely get a pimple.

9. What foundation do you use?
I used revlon colortsya for many years and just recently started using kat von d's foundation about 2 weeks ago.

10. How about concealer?
I use concealer for my freckles not so much my under eye area, but I use either MAC prolongwear or revlon colorstay.

11. Do you know your undertone color?
Yes. I'm pretty sure I have more of a pink undertone.

12. What do you think of fake eyelashes?
No, I've never worn fake lashes. I have naturally long lashes.

13. Did you know your supposed to change your mascara every 3 months?
Yes, all makeup has an "expiration" date. But, I normally do not follow them because my makeup still works fine. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not haha.

14. What brand of mascara do you use?
Covergirl and Physicians Formula are the ones I use the most.

15. What make-up tools do you use in your make up application?
I always use some type of Real Techniques brush when applying my makeup!

16. Do you use a makeup base/primer for the eyes?
Yes. I use a different one every day though. I have a bunch of different ones.

18. What is your favourite eyeshadow colour or shade?
I love rose gold colors, and also different shades of brown.

19. Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner?
Both. I use a pencil liner on my water line and to tight line, and I use a liquid liner on the lash line.

20. Do you use mineral makeup?
No, I have never tried it.

21. What is your favorite lipstick?
That's a tough question to answer. I am a NUDE chic. Like, concealer nude. Ya I'm that kinda girl. Lately I've been trying to love MAC's Creme d  nude since I paid so much for it, but it's just not nude enough for me. I have yet to find one that is nude enough.

22. What is your favorite blush to use?
I love every NYX blush I own! I'm also loving my ELF blush in Mellow Mauve.

23. Have you ever considered taking makeup classes?
Not really, in my small town there is really no where to take classes for those types of things.

24. Name a makeup crime that you hate?
I'm not sure what a "makeup crime" is considered, but I absolutely hate when people wear bright white eyeshadow in their crease and brow bone with a different color on the lid! I've seen it done too many times. I also hate when people don't know how to blend out their eyeshadow. Oh, and when someone looks like they stuck their finger in black eyeshadow and just streaked it across their eyes... no. I could go on and on lol.

25. Are you clumsy in putting makeup on?
Not really, although sometimes I do poke myself in the eye with my mascara wand if I'm not paying attention.

26. Which celebrity always has great makeup?
Lauren Conrad! Her makeup and outfit always look amazing. I'd be one happy girl if I owned her wardrobe.

27. Could you ever leave the house without make up on?
Yes, maybe. But I prefer not to.

28. If you could leave the house with just ONE makeup item, what would it be?
Chapstick. I cannot stand not having something on to hydrate my lips.

29. In your opinion what is the BEST makeup line?
For high end, I'd probably have to say MAC or Lorac. For drugstore I would have to say either NYX, ELF, or Covergirl!

30. What do you love about make up?
I love how creative people can get with it. It's so much fun creating different looks day after day. No matter what you are in the mood for, you can always portray that with your face. I also love how it can give a girl confidence. I've known girls who felt down about themselves, but had a change in mood once they put on a little makeup. The world of beauty is an awesome place! Everyone is so compassionate about it!

If anyone else wants to do this tag you're more than welcome to!
Just let me know in the comments below so I can check out your post! :)

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