Monday, November 18, 2013

I SWEAR I'm NOT an A** Kisser!!!!!

Hello lovies. So it's that time again where I work. The oh-so-hated rotation time. As some may know from previous social media updates, I work as a banker in our Casino. We are one of the few departments that rotates shifts every three months. You go from day shift (5am-1pm) for three months to Swing shift (1pm-9pm) for three months and then to grave shift (9pm-5am) for three months after which the cycle starts over for you. I've worked there for three years and this past year is when they strictly started enforcing that you rotate and go where your supposed to, rather then being able to switch shifts with anyone who wanted to switch prior to this past year. I've worked grave shift..about 9 months ago. It was the worst and probably the lowest point I could ever be in my life. I hated it so much, I missed my family. I cherished my days off like gold.

When I was on grave shift my schedule was like this:
My boyfriend works 12-8pm Friday thru Tuesday with Wednesday and Thursdays off. He works at the same Casino as me, but he is a craps dealer. His department never rotates. So he's been there about 3 years as well, and has always been a 12-8pm shift. So When he would get home at 8:30 pm, I would be dressed and ready and waiting for him and when he'd walk in the door I would walk out to be there for 9pm. It was torture. I didn't have a problem staying awake until 5am at work, because you kind of grow accustomed to it and don;t realize the time. I'd get done at 5am, drive home and be there by 5:30-6 because I usually had to stop for a latte, even though I was dead tires, I had to go home and get my older 2 up and off to school before my babysitter showed about 9am after getting her little one off to school.So forcing myself up from 5am-9am was again, very depressing. She would get there at 9 to babysit the two babies so I could go sleep.

The babysitter let me sleep until about 3pm, which is when the older kids would be getting off the bus. Then I had to do whatever I needed to do and be in the shower by 6:30, to start my night all back over again.

Swing shift (1pm-9pm) is my absolute favorite shift. Not just because my boyfriend works around that time but because it's not tooo early or too late. I can wake up, do laundry or clean whatever, get the kids dressed and breakfast. Then after all that I can focus on getting ready for work.

Well, 3 days ago, emails went out. I got mine that said "Tasha you are going to grave shift with Friday Saturday off. I just about died, and now I had to go through my day at work with this craziness on my mind. LUCKILY, one the the bankers I was relieving on day shift was like "Well I got swwing shift and I'd prefer grave. Would you wanna see if we can switch?" I was like I know we can't but meh, whats there to lose? So this was on Friday afternoon. Yesterday I gained the courage to look in my mailbox at work to see if we got any kind of response. And we did!!!!!

I was sooo happy and relieved they let us. So now, I can stay right where I;m at. I am so thankful for my boss/supervisor for helping me out and keeping me on my shift. I just of course can't spread the word we switched because then they will get bombarded with people who want to switch shifts.

Like the title states I am by far an ass kisser, but i am for sure one happy Momma.

Sorry for the randomness of this entry. I just wanted to share my joy. I havent quite yest figure out if I want two seperate blogs. One for makeup one for a day in the life. I know not too many people wamnt to read a whole bunch of randomness of one blog. We will see. I'll take your opinions!!

Have a great and happy Monday!



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