Friday, October 18, 2013

Quick Little Update!

Hello loves!! Been awhile since I've posted it feels like. I am thinking about grabbing all my current faves at the moment and making a blog post about that. I would not be good with monthly favorites. I don't think anyways.

So this morning for some unknown reason I cannot seem to wake up! I have had 2 cups of coffee and STILL feel like I need another 8 hours of sleep! Which is totally bizarre because ever since my first child (11 years ago!) I have averaged the same amount of 5 hours sleep a night. Maybe it's just all catching up to me now after all these years?! Bummer.

Today is my last day off then it is back to work tomorrow so I plan on making the most of today. There is not that much cleaning to be done, I did accomplish quite a bit yesterday even though I didn't realize I did until it was almost bed time and I sat down for 5 minutes and looked at all I had done. Was quite proud of myself seeing how I tend to 'not have anything to do' all day!

Enough rambling, more posts up today!!

Tasha - xox

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